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High bicycle MC

High bicycle MC is perfect copy of RUDGE'S light roadster. This type of bicycle produced by RUDGE & Co. in 1882-1889 in Coventry.


Daniel Rudge made numerous innovation. It was in 1878 that he took out British patent 526 for his famous adjustable ball bearings. These bearinbs were fitted to his bicycle and materially improved their efficiency. Rudge's cycles soon gained a reputation locally for fast starts at races and thus became extremely popular. As a result of this success, Rudge machines were often handicapped 20-30 yards (18 to 27 meters) behind the other racers.




High bicycle MC keeps outstanding properties of his patern.


Fronf wheel:
size 50-56 in., 7/8 in.(22mm) moulded red tyre, hollow steel rim, 60 butt-ended tangent spokes,
 diameter of the spoke 2mm, 4 1/2 in. steel hub diameter, 8 1/4 in. length of the axle.

Back wheel:
size 17-18 in., 3/4 in.(19mm) moulded red tyre, hollow steel rim, 20 butt-ended tangent spokes,
 diameter of the spoke 2 mm, 1 1/2 steel hub diameter, 3 in. length of the axle.

detachable, 4 1/2-5 1/4 throw.

rubber ball pedals, 13 3/4 tread ( length between axles of pedals)

Front fork:

Back fork:

Length of the head:
4 3/4 in.

28 in. width , type hollow cowhorn bars, diameter 3/4 in

1 3/8 in. weldless steel pipe

Bolted sliding spring, adjustable tension suspension saddle

36 lbs